SOFO Museum, Park Street, Woodstock, OX20 1SN

Tue to Sat: 10am-5pm     Sun: 2pm-5pm

01993 810 210

Learning at SOFO

Schools and Colleges

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What teachers are saying

‘A fantastic session! Pitched just right for this age.’
Foundation stage teacher

‘A great outreach resource. Plenty of hands on artefacts and very informative leader.’
KS 2 teacher

‘Amazing – all children engaged and enthusiastic. A fabulous experience and great kick off to our topic.’
Year 6 teacher

What students are saying

‘This is the best day ever’ ‘It was awesome!’
Year 5 students

‘I never thought a Soldier Museum would help me in my work, yet is has given me a big push on different ideas (for) my final piece.’ GCSE D&T textiles student
GCSE D&T textiles student